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ICRA Training

ICRA Training for our Healthcare Agencies is October 24th at the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department


Test Alert scheduled for October 4th at 2:30 pm CST

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Our RHC's , Mike and Keith training our local fire station on Patient Tracking Systems to use in the event of a disaster
Mobile Command Center
Mobile Command Center
EMS Strike Team Trailer
EMS Strike Team Trailer
Nashville Coalition Day
Highland Rim Coalition Field Day
Nashville Coalition Day2
Highland Rim Coalition Field Day
Nashville Coalition Day 3
Highland Rim Coalition Field Day
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WATCH HCC | West Area of Tennessee Coalition for Healthcare
What is the Watch Coalition?

The WATCH is the West area of Tennessee Coalition for Healthcare. In the early 2000’s the federal government began providing grant funds to hospitals to help them prepare for disasters. Over the years the grant has changed and evolved and we have arrived to where we are today.